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Research internship

Ocean Park accepts local and international students to join its research internship and volunteer programme. The research team of Ocean Park aims to build a strong bridge between scientific advancement, animal welfare, conservation and education. Our current projects are all designed with special attention to these four pillars of ex-situ research efforts focusing on various aspects of animal behaviour, cognition and perceptions that may be keys to the survival of the species. As a member of AZA, Ocean Park continuously thrives to provide the best possible environment and care, using a scientific approach for behavioural monitoring and analysis for both marine and terrestrial species. Our cognitive experiments investigate the ability of problem-solving, shape recognition, associative learning as well as mutualistic and altruistic cooperation. We carry out behavioural observations to find out how our animals utilise novel environmental enrichment devices, to evaluate the impact of medical treatments and to establish baseline data on social and individual behavioural patterns.

How to get involved?

Applications are not restricted from the above-mentioned fields. The selection is based on both academic results and extracurricular merits, but most importantly on the candidates’ dedication and self-motivation.

We have full-time (5 weekdays/week) and part-time (min. 1.5 weekdays/week) On-site volunteer positions and Off-site positions. All positions are unpaid with a minimum commitment of 4 months. Successful candidates receive specific training according to the assigned positions.


What will You learn?

  • Learn what it takes to work in the field of research

  • Hands-on experience with experimental setup and data analysis

  • Understanding of animals’ physiology and behaviour

  • Teamwork, coordination and independent responsibilities

  • Research planning and execution

  • Research communication

  • A basic foundation for your future career

Qualifications and requirements


On-site volunteers:

  • Have a positive attitude and strong willingness to learn 

  • Good oral/written communication skills in English 

  • Basic computer knowledge 

  • Able to work independently as well as in a team 

  • Must be responsible for food, accommodation and transportation 

  • Past experience with animals is desirable 

  • Able to comply with OP volunteer rules and regulations 

Off-site working volunteers – Behavioural data analyst: 

  • Have a positive attitude and strong willingness to learn 

  • Self-motivation 

  • Good oral/written communication skills in English 

  • Computer knowledge: Excel, Word, QuickTime Player 7, BORIS 

  • The ideal candidate will have strong attention to details and the ability to work precisely 
and accurately 

  • Able to comply with OP volunteer rules and regulations 

How to apply?

To apply please submit the following (same for all positions):


  • Statement of Interest

  • Academic Records

  • Period of Availability

  • Letters of Reference

  • Preferred Position

  • Curriculum Vitae


Application deadline: 30 June 2024 


Next internship period: 2 September 2024 – 31 December 2024


Please send applications to research.department(at) with "Research Volunteer" in the subject line. Please note that only complete applications will be considered. Applications with missing documents will be ignored.

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